The 2018 Scarf Edition

Last year we introduced The Great Northern Cloth with a hugely successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, all about bringing a fully sustainable product to the market. Boasting an entirely local production chain, the Great Northern Cloth has a rare 100% British pedigree.

The rewards for backers were scarves, in four colour ranges, and they were snapped up so quickly we had to weave another batch to ensure everyone wanting to be part of the project could pledge for one.

The 2017 edition‘s most loved colour was Napier Blue and because it was so popular, we are weaving it again this year.  But we made some daring decisions for the new batch, which is about to hit a loom, and introduced three new colours and a refined finish, making the wool even softer and smooth to the skin.

A sneak preview of the new, beautiful range of colours will come soon. Some things will never change, though, and most importantly, the wool is still the most amazing, totally unique Scottish Merino, also known as Bowmont. Grown in the Borders region of Scotland, the wool’s fineness rivals that of imported Merino, but without the air miles.

Watch out for the new scarves to hit the shop soon, in good time for Christmas. We are also going to take them to the unmissable Xmas edition of the award-winning Macclesfield Treacle Market,, were you can snap them up just before the festivities start, on 23rd December.

Finishing the scarf even softer