It’s About You

With a keen eye for style and using only the most meticulous techniques, I am proud to be able to offer you the highest standard in bespoke tailoring.

I am here, quite simply, to make the best possible garment for you. Be it a business suit, an outfit for a special occasion or simply a piece that you have always wanted to wear – I will make sure it is just perfect.

Each piece starts with an exclusive cutting pattern based on your measurements, stature and design specification. In a process taking six to eight weeks, the garment is cut and hand-tailored in my very own workshop from beginning to end.

The Company

I believe that the best available material, combined with the skill to treat that cloth, whether it is a tropical weight worsted or a heavy tweed, appropriately, is the key to creating a truly great garment.

Not many people know that much of the best fine wool cloth available to the global market today is being developed, woven and finished in the long established woollen mills of West Yorkshire, only an easy drive away from my workshop in the foothills of the Peak District. Whenever I can, I source cloth from the knowledgable cloth merchants who work closely with the mills.

I am keen to get to know my suppliers personally, so I visit whenever I can; it is important for me to establish a trusting relationship, knowing that they are as passionate about their product as I am.

I source Harris Tweed directly from weaver Donald John MacKay, who was appointed MBE for services to the industry after he called weavers throughout the Outer Hebrides into action when he received an unexpected phone call from sportswear giant Nike, who requested 10,000 metres of tweed for the production of a sneaker. According to an ancient law, Harris Tweed must be produced in the weavers home, on hand-powered looms. Donalds loom shed is located in Luskentyre Bay on the Isle of Harris, with an unrivalled view onto one of the worlds most stunning beaches, which could easily be mistaken for a Caribbean one (when the sun is out, anyway).

Macclesfield Silk has, for more than 100 years, been the material of choice for the finest ties, pocket squares and handkerchiefs. Today, two mills in town still weave, print and very successfully trade with the famous cloth. Whenever suitable and desired, I use this beautiful and durable fabric to line our handmade jackets and coats.

I am proud and grateful to be able to combine these true British heritage materials in one-of-a-kind, entirely bespoke garments for my customers.


I am a bespoke tailor and textile engineer with close to 30 years experience in the sector. Having developed a drive for quality and precision during a three year traditional apprenticeship in Germany, it was during my time with master tailor Tom Reimer, Germany’s answer to the world-famous Savile Row tailors, when my skills were really honed. His love of 1940s Italian and British style and persistence on diligence meant I had opportunity to develop my craftsmanship to the highest level.

The only way to acquire real skill in fine, bespoke tailoring is to spend many years of practice alongside a master of the craft. And example for the complexity of just one area of the process is the handmade button hole, a hallmark of every true bespoke suit: it is commonly accepted that it takes one hundred practice attempts to fully master the task.

In today’s fast-moving world, even heritage craft must often succumb to the need for efficiency and providing years of meticulous practice is just not a realistic option to small business that needs to keep cost in check. Common practice on Savile Row today, therefore, is to train an apprentice in a specialism, to be a trouser maker, cutter or finisher – and become part of a small production chain.

I am fortunate to have received full training in all aspects of the bespoke tailoring process, enabling me to make your coat or suit from beginning to end myself, starting with your exclusive pattern, to meticulously finishing every hand stitched detail.